About Us

Providing The Full Spectrum of Cyber Security Defenses; Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover

We are here to build GCC's best cyber security system

CyberGate is an Emirati establishment founded with an objective to provide cyber security services that would improve the overarching cyber security posture of the UAE. Born from a parent company that is a leading defense supplier for the UAE authorities since 1987. CyberGate has the in-house depth and breadth of information and cyber security expertise required to respond to the most technical information security challenges related to both Information and Operations.

We currently operate in the Government sector providing value-added services and built solutions to improve the cyber maturity of the critical infrastructure industries in the UAE. We also provide an outline approach for developing a Cyber Security Strategy in collaboration with the Government by clearly presenting goals and vision and detailing how that vision can be achieved. Very true to our vision and mission, we are client centric focused to quality deliverance. In addition to our quality of service our global reach and alliances with frontline cyber security technology partners, bridges the security gaps in protecting Advanced persistent threat, Data security, Access Governance, Secure Authentication, visualization & monitoring, and we don’t stop there. We also offer our partners SOC advanced orchestration & automation, along with a world class simulation platform for their SOC staff and management. We believe that a cyber security provider should have more than an opportunistic business relationship and CyberGate has the competency and right attitude that excels to be a partner of choice. We work closely with our partners in articulating the right ways of doing things where people and business communicate in cyber space with harmony. Partner us in developing your strengths and enabling you to participate securely to fulfill your security posture and getting the most from your IT investment.