Low & Medium Voltage Products Switchboards Division

Safety and reliability are our key requirements for high specification electrical switchgear, instrumentation and control panels, As a precision engineering company with factories in UAE and India, Spaceage Group produce an exceptional range of power distribution and motor control equipment.


Products include…

  • Medium Voltage Panels
  • Intelligent Motor Control Centers (MCCs)
  • Power Control Centers (PCCs)
  • Main Distribution Board (MDBs)
  • Sub main Distribution Boards (SMDBs)
  • Final Distribution Boards (FDBs)
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels
  • Automatic Main Failure Panels
  • Feeder Pillars
  • Street Lighting Control Cabinets
  • Metering Cabinets
  • Consumer Units/Load Centers/ DBs and Other Custom- Build Switchboards

The Switchboards are ASTA and CPRI certified for short circuit level, IP protection and temperature rise. Produced under co-production and OEM agreement from world renowned switchboard and components manufactures General Electric of USA Industrial system division in the UAE.

Produced under technical collaboration and license agreement for switchboards production from DELTA Electrical Systems (MEM) UK in India.

Our design and production team’s technical expertise and skills are further enhanced by the use of state-of-the-art CAD/CAM stations, plotting devices and specialized software packages.


GRP Division

Reinforced plastics are the material of the future.

With depleting mineral resources around the world and advances made in plastics technology today, it is an obvious choice that reinforced plastics will replace metals as the raw material for industry in the future.

Spaceage Group is proud to be a pioneer in this field by being actively involved in the reproduction of quality glass reinforced plastic products. By being environmentally friendly, weather resistant and super strong, GRP has proved to be the material eagerly sought after in the field of transportation and construction, from aircraft to boats, cars to trains, bridges to structures, every industry will turn to GRP in the future!

GRP Division of Spaceage Group is fully equipped to supply a wide range of products.

The division in continuously engaged in R&D for improving quality of products and manufacturing techniques. Specialized glass reinforced polyester cabinets and kiosks for electrical equipment, GRP antennae for satellite TV systems, GRP cowls for aircraft, boats etc… but a few of the diverse product ranges we are involved in.

Produced both by traditional hand lay-up process and RTM (Resin Transfer Mold) process, Spaceage Group has in-house capability of tool and mold making.

GRP products have been independently tested for fire resistance at Warrington Fire Services Laboratories, UK and for tensile, impact strength and glass content an MTS Laboratories, UK.


Metal Engineering Division

Innovating to lead the industry

This division has taken the leading position amongst the most successful industries by producing innovative products with large capacity plants with highly trained yet flexible work force.

Designs exceed client specifications in terms of both safety and innovation adding quality and value to the final product.

Spaceage Group has fully equipped manufacturing facilities with several CNC bending and CNC multi turret punching stations. Most modern powder coating plants, hot dip galvanization plant and planting plant ensure a high quality finish.

Serving needs with world class products

Spaceage Group has agency agreements and distribution arrangements with leading international companies, enabling it to supply quality-assured products and packages for the various projects undertaken.

Products from any of the producers are supplied either as an individual item or packaged together for a whole project. Challenges posed by geographical boundaries and product diversities are taken as opportunities and with due dedication success in ensured.