“Formidable repute as a Trunkey Electrical Contractor”

Offering superb levels of customer service and technical support, from the tender stage right throughout the life time of the project, Spaceage Group serves to a broad spectrum of well-known companies operating in industries as diverse as oil & gas, manufacturing, infrastructure facilities, sports facilities, airports, seaports, transportation and healthcare.

Spaceage Group expertise ensures prompt execution of design, supply, installation, testing commissioning and maintenance of electrical projects on time, every time. The group’s capability and experience extend from major multi-million contracts to very small scale jobs. The same amount of dedication and expertise are devoted to all the projects irrespective of its size. Projects, each worth over several million dollars, have been handled in various fields. The division undertakes quality installation of products such as switchgear, transformers, cables, outdoor lighting and street lighting equipment, from world renowned manufacturers.

Contracting projects include overhead power lines, industrial and remote area power supply, areal and underground cable installation and road/stadium area lighting.

High voltage Installation

High Voltage GIS substations up to 132kv involving GIS switchgear, transformers, cabling etc. 132kv oil field cables, involving straight through joint and stop joints with oil tanks, oil monitoring systems, pilot cable installations and marshaling kiosks.

Medium Voltage Installation

Medium voltage overhead lines, switchgear, cables, cable joints, indoor and outdoor terminations and overhead line terminations.

33kv, 20kv, 11kv transformers, switching and relay panels and ring main units.

Low voltage Installation

LV cable networks, LV panels, feeder pillars, control cabinets, main distribution boards, sub main distribution boards, final distribution boards, motor controls, etc. Internal lighting systems, building services, fire alarm systems, CCTV systems, telephone systems, building management systems, audio and video systems.

External lighting projects for stadium, sports facilities, horse race tracks, highway/road lighting, airport lighting and airport apron lighting involving high masts and other poles.

Spaceage Group in capable of carrying out associated civil works such as building of substations, pilling works horizontal trust boring below existing roads, etc.

Advanced manufacturing technology and expertise is the key to success

Believing in the fact that the group derives its strength from manufacturing quality products, Spaceage Group has embarked on an ambitious program of establishing factories for the group across the world from UAE to India and Australia. This demonstrates its truly international perspective, taking advantage of expertise available and cost structures in different geographical areas.

Spaceage Group is committed to satisfying the demands of tomorrow’s business needs with a heavy investment in advanced manufacturing technologies.

Sophisticated manufacturing facilities at Dhaid, Abu Dhabi, Australia and in India ensure manufacturing to precise specifications and delivery on schedule.

Spaceage Group ensures the highest standards with regard to its wide range of products. Meticulous care is taken in every area of activity including design, manufacture, testing, delivery with service support, so that customer satisfaction is guaranteed. The products are type tested at the internationally renowned independent test laboratories.